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Travel WorldNews Tops Wine Road in 10 wine destinations - Part I

Wine Road in 10 wine destinations - Part I

Valle del Maipo, Chile, Vina Montgras Cabernet Sauvignon

What would be a good day to visit some of the most important wine destinations worldwide, and enjoy a glass of the prestigious wine? The great advantage of trips through the famous wine-growing areas is that it combines local wine tasting with an exciting foray into history, and the surrounding region. The Wine Road will take you through sunny valleys, small chic towns, medieval or ancient some of them to explore the wine culture, a world apart, with unique recipes, cool cellars, originality, humor and many secrets that give flavor to the noble drink.

Stellenbosch - Western Cape, South Africa

Many tourists consider that Stellenbosch is the most picturesque town of South African Western Cape Province. It is located about 30 kilometers east of Cape Town, and is famous worldwide for its colorful buildings, harmoniously arranged, Dutch-influenced architecture, local, and not least for its wine, which they say rightly that it is Best of all South Africa.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the three main wine producers in the region, a fabulous wine road crosses surroundings since 1971, and is assiduously promoted worldwide at trade fairs and exhibitions in the field.

Today the hills are grown here, with over 200 distinct vineyards where manufacturers offer daily wine tastings, cellar tours, wine sales, African-style picnic facilities, safari through savannah, and to honor the hosts, discounts for students no matter what country studies!

Marlborough - New Zealand

Although for many this name, come to mind a famous brand of cigarettes, for true connoisseurs of wine, like the winemakers, Marlborough is the largest wine region in New Zealand.

Here is produced over 79% of the local wine. Approximately 9000 hectares planted with different varieties of vines, benefiting a specific cuisine, the region is a true delight for those who chose to enjoy a wine with a gourmet meal, or vice-versa...

Secret: If you ever get there (perhaps for some New Zealand is at the end of the world ...) do not go without taste of locally produced Sauvignon Blanc wine.

Valle del Maipo - Chile

An almost Mediterranean climate parameters and the presence of the Andes Mountains, Maipo Valley are a perfect place to experience the highest rates of viticulture. In fact, here is the oldest wine region in Chile, with vineyards that stretch eastward from the capital Santiago to the Andes foothills, and west almost to the Pacific coast.

Boasting rightly with some of the most popular red wines in the world, Maipo will indulge any range between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, but with acclaimed local Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.

In addition to excellent wines, the region will also seduces and relax with beautiful scenery around. Small villages, like climbing on the steep slopes of the Andes, and the whirling river Maipo offers a perfect atmosphere for tasting quality wines.

La Rioja - Spain

Since the Romans, who made wine drinking a characteristic ingredient of their culture, the vineyards of La Rioja have been an integral part of wine history of Spain.

Currently, the region lives up to its prestigious cultural heritage vineyards, with numerous vineyards producing acclaimed wines Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva.

Add here the stunning hotel built above the oldest pub in the area, and you fully understand the Spanish style, to honor and admire the surrounding creation, through a glass emptied of Crianza.

Bordeaux - France

France is the country where by definition the wine was elevated to art, culture, tourism superlative, and in some cases, even religion...

Country full of passion which naturally expresses with culture, lifestyle, cuisine and wines, France undoubtedly benefit from some of the best wines available on the world market profile. These truths can be proved by living in the Bordeaux region, one of the most popular wine-growing areas of Hexagon.

Splendid architecture, impeccable cuisine and some of the most popular red and white wines in the world, make Bordeaux, to be a compulsory destination for all faithful of the god Dionysus. With over 60 varieties of wine and about 8500 local producers, you really need to be declared Bordeaux as City of Wine!