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Visit the most amazing inhabited bridges in the world

Amazing Holiday, Erfurt, Germany, Kramerbrucke front view

Inhabited bridges are part of the top tourist attractions in terms of architecture. Bridges built over a river, a road trip or valleys fascinated by private homes or commercial spaces contained in their structure. In the world inhabited bridges are few and therefore are greater fascination.

Visit the most amazing inhabited bridges in the world! Here are some of them:

Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Florence is said to be a outdoor museum. Besides works of art, the city has an impressive architecture can be seen free to walk its streets. Among the most attractive buildings include Ponte Vecchio, a bridge fascinating, colorful, built in the XIV century. In the middle Ages, Europe was commonplace to build houses on bridges and Ponte Vecchio is a testament to this type of construction.

Kramerbrucke, Erfurt

Kramerbrucke is one of the most beautiful and most valuable historical buildings in Germany. Located in the city of Erfurt, residential bridge Kramerbrucke was mentioned for the first time in 1117. The bridge has a string of houses on each side, each remaining a narrow street. Construction of two parts made of Kramerbrucke a unique monument in northern Europe. Currently, buildings are properties of host municipality or craft and antique shops.

Pulteney Bridge, UK

Pulteney Bridge is a bridge living in Bath, UK. The bridge was built over the River Avon between 1769 and 1773. Pulteney Bridge was built for practical reasons, to allow easier access to the resort. Despite practical purpose, Pulteney Bridge is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic bridges inhabited world.

Pont des Marchands, France

City Narbonne in France has a living bridge, historic Canal de la Robine built above. Originally, the bridge was not less than 7 arcade and allowed access to the city through its southern side. Today, the Pont des Marchands connects Bourg district Cite district. Host bridge houses built on private homes and shops.