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Unique routes in the world

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Are you looking for more special tourist routes and do not know where to look for them? Well, we found some great places, but require a little more experience.

From the start you know that you have to be in top form: good and healthy lungs, legs trained and generally good physical condition.

Given that there are serious trails should be able to wear the equipment. We advise you to equip yourself with resistant boots, clothes that do not interfere with walking and ... mood for adventure.

1. GR20, France

This journey of 15 days (168km) through Corsica requires more effort, but is legendary for the diversity of landscapes. There are forests, craters carved by wind, glacial lakes, torrents, peat bogs, maquis, snow-covered peaks, plains, Neves (stretches of ice formed from snow). I warn you that you will have a rocky road sometimes steep.
Created in 1972, GR20 link Calenzana (Balagne) of Conca, Porto Veccio northern area.

2. Inca, Peru

This old road 33 kilometers was made by the Incas and is crossed by thousands of people every year. The road leads from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu, and instead making up, down and around the mountains. View inzepezite peaks and forests of the clouds combined with driving pleasure from a ruin to another; make this the most famous road in South America.

3. Pays Dogon, Mali

'People of Dogon Country' is one of the most beautiful regions of Africa. A trip to this area may take between 2 and 10 days. Dogon villages are set among the rocks, because people are known dances on stilts, artfully sculpted doors and houses built on seemingly inaccessible cliffs.

4. Everest base camp, Nepal

Reaching an altitude of 5545 meters on Kala Pattara, this 3-day trip is very popular among those who want to say "I went to the largest mountain in the world". They reach heights along the way are stunning literally, but you quickly get used to it.

5. Himalayas, India

If you want more solitude, try to climb in India on the highest mountain in the world. Travel endurance can climb the peak in 24 days from Spiti to Ladakh road commercial was a very challenging route. The high altitude and desert terrain inspired Rudyard Kipling writer, creator of "Jungle Book", exclaimed, "Surely the gods live here, this is not a place for people."

6. Overland, Australia

Tasman wilderness is accessible by road 80 kilometers from Overland. Between Winding Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair (the deepest natural lake in Australia), well-defined path through steep mountains, beautiful lakes, extensive forests and moorlands.

7. The Narrows, USA

The Narrows is a 26-mile trip involves riding the U.S. Virgin River. On this occasion you can admire the canyon that the river modeled over time. The Narrows is a path that can be traveled in one day.