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Top restaurants with sensational panorama

Sensational Panorama Restaurant, Tanzania, Africa, Ngoro Ngoro Crater Lodge view

From hot Thai banks, to the picturesque mountains of California, there are restaurants and bars on the terrace which you can enjoy a wonderful view, almost unreal.

Thus, apart from enjoying the services themselves, you want to get back there just to feel your soul and look romp to the horizon and back.

Restaurant Beverly Hills, Thailand

Sit on the terrace restaurant Beverly Hills, Thailand, a tourist place called Koh Samui and enjoy the breeze and endless water.

Peaks Restaurant, Palm Springs

Palm Springs visitors can relax at the Peaks restaurant, which offers a view of the California desert and the sparkling city with him.

Ngoro Ngoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

Ngoro Ngoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania, and he takes your breath away. Do not know how to manage customers eating on the horizon wildlife in Africa and Maasai tribes.

Cite Restaurant, Chicago

Cite restaurant in Chicago, is open for 35 years, customers can enjoy from the terrace of Lake Michigan and the entire city from the floor 70. The food is French, with the focus on seafood and roast beef.

Lorelei et Londres Albergo, Italy

Lorelei et Londres Albergo, Italy, lets you see inside of the famous Vesuvius, with even a hotel. A lift up along a steep cliff down to a perfect beach and the local food is praised by everyone who crosses the threshold.

Cliff House Restaurant San Francisco

Cliff House in San Francisco is a landmark since 1800, your eyes charming Pacific waters. You can take seafood dinner watching in the same time the seals and even the whales coming up from the water surface.

Babylon restaurant, roof garden London

Babylon is a restaurant located on the seventh floor of a building in London, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and typical English dinner.

Le Jules Verne Restaurant Paris, Eiffel Tower

Le Jules Verne in Paris, offers perhaps the most romantic dinner possible, just by the Eiffel Tower. You will not get enough of looking at each corner of the City of Light. As for food, French cuisine is clear that there will leave you speechless.

Skyline Restaurant Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zeeland is one of the world's top destinations for adventure, and Skyline Queenstown on South Island, is a good place to start. Eat a delicious buffet meal, then go and take a walk around.

Ambrosia Restaurant, Santorin

Quit the Aegean drunk sitting on the terrace restaurant Ambrosia, one of the best restaurants in Santorin. Reserve a table for two and enjoy a blend of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

230 Fifth Restaurant, New York City

Since opening in 2006, 230 Fifth in New York City, is considered one of the top establishments in this city. Besides the food sublime restaurant, you can stay overnight in a penthouse and also enjoy a terrace at midnight, sitting quietly in a red dressing gown, silky, offered by the hosts.

Bali Rock Bar restaurant

Sit on a rock near the Indian Ocean, a few feet of water, the Rock Bar, Bali, and watch the sunset, stormy waves lapping against the rocks and serve you at the bar decorated in minimalist style.

Felix Restaurant, Hong Kong

The upper floor of a 5-star hotel in Hong Kong is Felix restaurant, where you can admire the entire city.