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Top museums of the world

World Top Museums, Brussels, Belgium, Musical Instrument Museum, China instruments

The most famous museums in the world are not necessarily the most interesting. Perhaps you want to get to the Louvre or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but this is due to intense promotion that had the two museums mentioned above.

Here are some museums that deserve all the attention and interest, in the same way as the two mentioned above.

1. Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels - Belgium

This museum was originally designed for students of the Royal Music Conservatory in Brussels, but in time began to be open to the public. The museum has many impressive tools and musical instruments, but the building itself is a true architectural masterpiece.

The building was built in 1899 and since then music lovers can visit anytime.

On the top floor of the building there is a restaurant and a terrace where you can see a spectacular view over Brussels.

2. VasaMuseet, Stockholm, Sweden

Vasa were a ship that sank in Stockholm Harbor in 1628, after less than two kilometers traveled during his first trip. The ship was under water 333 years and was brought to the surface in 1961.

The ship is found now in VasaMuseet Museum, one of the most interesting cultural points of Sweden.

3. Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

The Egyptian Museum you can see incredible Egyptian artifacts and some of the treasures of King Tut's tomb.

Also in this museum you can see a collection of famous pharaohs of the nation, small statues and mummies.

The museum holds more than 120,000 artifacts under a single roof.

4. British Museum - London, England

British Museum was established by Parliament in 1753. It hosts the famous Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures, and other impressive archaeological objects.