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Top destinations where you can swim with dolphins

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Swimming with dolphins is one of the experiences that you have to tick at least once in life. Dolphins are very special creatures, endowed with an amazing intelligence and a few hours spent with family around them are magic, freedom and adventure.

Worldwide there are many places where you can swim with dolphins, but few of them equals to those below.


Many who have visited Hawaii believe that they saw a corner of paradise: beaches perfect, surreal landscapes, and why not, beautiful girls. You should not miss any opportunity swim with the dolphins; our recommendation is The Waikiki Aquarium and The Dolphin Institute in Honolulu.


Probably the first time Tortolla hear, but this is not an impediment for a trip to this area. Tortolla is the largest island of the archipelago of the British and, besides you can frolic with dolphins, you get detached from the fairytale beaches and lush rainforest.


Another destination that deserves all the attention is Mexico. Many tourists come here to do scuba diving and snorkeling. Equally true is that in Mexico you can relax swimming with dolphins. You can do either at The Dolphin Center in Nuevo Vallarta, be at Dolphin Discovery in Cozumel.


Many times I heard on the radio or on TV about how beautiful it is in the Bahamas. A Bahamas travel help you regain your spiritual balance, recharge your batteries and have to look at life with different eyes. You have many places where you can splash with dolphins in aquariums, swimming pools or Atlantic Ocean.


Fiji is the ideal destination for those who love to do water sports: surfing, scuba diving etc.. You can befriend dolphins live in the ocean diving or swimming in specially designed tanks.


We conclude the list of holiday destinations where you can swim with dolphins in sunny Florida. We recommend three great: Dolphin Cove (in Key Largo), GulfWorld Marine Park (Panama City Beach) and The Florida Keys coral archipelago.