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Travel WorldNews Tops Top destinations for holidays in 2012

Top destinations for holidays in 2012

Uganda, Africa, Kampala Jinjva waterfall

Have you already started to think about where to spend your holiday in 2012? Prestigious tourist guide, Lonely Planet, comes to your aid with some recommendations for unusual holiday destinations in locations far less frequented by tourists.

Among destinations with tourism potential in 2012 include Uganda, Ukraine, Cuba and Switzerland.

1. Uganda

Uganda, where the East African savannah meets West African jungle, is the first recommendation of the prestigious Guide for 2012.

Although the dictatorship and civil war have kept tourists away from Uganda, "stability returns, and will not take long before visitors will come", tend to think the guide officials, reminding visitors that the river Nile, crosses the country. Kampala, Uganda's capital and one of the safest capitals in Africa, is one of the areas recommended by the tour guide, which still remembers that country has not escaped the problem.

Among the main attractions in Uganda include, Bwindi National Parks and Mgahing, Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda Museum, Jinja, the second largest city in Uganda, but also, Murchison Falls National Park, where visitors can practice sport fishing.

2. Myanmar (former Burmese)

"We want people to come in Burmese" are words addressed by, National League for Democracy, the opposition party, which asked tourists to stay away from the country since 1996.

The situation changed in late 2010, when the NLD has reviewed independent attitude and encourage tourists to visit the Burmese, also known as Myanmar. Changing attitudes came with the release of militant pro-democracy Aung San Suu Kyi, who spent 15 years in the past 20 years under house arrest.

Although it is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is also one of the most fascinating countries in the region. Thousands of pagodas, fascinating culture and ancient cities are just some of the "assets" that can transform Myanmar into a tourist destination of interest for independent travelers.

"If you go, be aware that if the boycott has been reviewed does not mean that problems are over," Lonely Planet warns tourists.

3. Ukraine

"Great Unknown of Europe", as called Lonely Planet, Ukraine is offering to tourists a variety of attractions and activities for all tastes at reasonable prices.

Among the main attractions include the Old City from Kiev, filled with historical buildings, historical center of Lvov, who is the objective of UNESCO, and Bukovel resort for winter sports lovers, which is situated in the Carpathian Mountains.

The authors recommend the Ukraine, to beer lovers, considering that a drink is "cheaper than water".

4. Jordan

"Jordan is not just Petra to Indiana Jones," Lonely Planet officials believe.

Although, Petra, Jordan's rosy city, remained the main attraction of the country, tour guide, advise to other top tourist destinations in Jordan as well as reddish desert, Wadi Rum, Jerash Roman provincial city, and Madaba, a town famous for its Byzantine mosaics.

"One of the friendliest nations in the Middle East, Jordan is an example for other countries in the region about how we should modernize and also to maintain ancient traditions" it said in the rankings.

Although still visible, the evolution toward welfare, Jordan economy is growing, and its history to tourist infrastructure make it one of the most accessible Arab states for English speaking tourists.

5. Denmark

Each year, Denmark or the Country of Vikings is the top countries with the highest quality of life, the most "blessed" country on the planet. Danes enjoy good living conditions, declaring themselves satisfied with their lives.

Tourists who want a relaxing holiday in a location where everyone is well-ordered, then Denmark is the place.

Among the main attractions include Tivoli Gardens in Denmark containing more than 400,000 flowers, Little Mermaid statue that is the national symbol of the country, the Royal Castle Fredericksborg Slot, Ribe, the oldest town in Scandinavia.