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Top Rated destinations for beer drinkers

Beer Drinkers Destination, Dublin, Ireland, Guinness and Smithwicks

One of the souvenirs brought by vacancies are those huge mugs of beer or glasses, bought from countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, etc.. Beer lovers can choose a holiday-themed beer in visiting some of the major breweries, with a long tradition. It organizes tastings, with traditional dishes, visit pubs, and make presentations, targeting beer culture in regional and international level.

Munich, Germany

Germany has over 1,200 breweries, according to industry publications. Of these, Munich is one of the main destinations of the country for beer drinkers.
In addition to the breweries, German restaurants and bars, tourists can visit the museum Bier und Oktoberfestmuseum dedicated to beer, and the famous festival dedicated to this drink, Oktoberfest.

Specialized topics terraces Brewery (Beer Gardens) awaits its guests with traditional beer and local dishes, which are not lacking, sausages and potatoes.

Prague, Czech Republic

Besides its bridges and churches, Prague is famous for its beer. Czech metropolis, is a true city of beer, this drink is available on all roads. Prague is also the place of origin of Pilsner beer produced in the nineteenth century. It is said that the Czech Republic beat records, the total consumption of beer. No wonder, therefore, that drink beer anywhere, anytime is good quality and low prices. Those wishing to try local products must choose between various types: Pilsner Urquell, Budvar, Kelt, Branik, etc.

For tourists there is a brewery tour (Prague Brewery Tour), in which visitors try various pubs that have their own brewery. Guests are expected with music, traditional Czech food and, of course, lot of beer. Tourists have the opportunity to participate in beer tasting and learn about the long history of brewing in the Czech Republic.

Dublin, Ireland

Those who prefer the beer Guinness must reach on Dublin, another important center of the beer. Brewing has a long history on Ireland. Tourists here experience a whole ritual on which the beer (usually black) is poured slowly, so as to allow foam to settle. You can choose between different types, from Guinness to Beamish. Bars and pubs have a generous offer, and the beer may be good reason to socialize. Ireland is a destination renowned for its friendly people.

Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is a paradise for any lover of beer and the term is not an exaggeration. Far from being just a drink Belgian beer culture is just as complicated and serious as that of wine.

Tourists who go out to drink a beer can wake up to have about 400 choices in one menu, only in terms of beer. Belgium boasts with about 450 types of beer, each with a specific type of glass for the drink is served. Brewing history is ancient, reaching it somewhere in the middle Ages. There are also special routes designed for lovers of beer (Beer Route).

London, England

London is famous for its black beer, Porter. Some of the largest breweries were built in this city.
Different types of beer produced in England differ from one region to another. On the territory of England since the Middle Ages beer was one of the most popular drinks. Beer lovers across the country factories are international, national, regional and micro.