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Top 5 rotating restaurants in the world

Top Rotating Restaurants, Allalin, Saas-Fee, Switzerland, Interior view

Imagine dinner on the top floor of a skyscraper, in front of a stunning view, and in addition the views will constant change because you are in a rotating restaurant. If you want to see your dream come true, we give you five ideas for locations where the world seems detached from a Hollywood movie.

1. Perlan Restaurant, Reykjavik, Iceland

Built over a spring of geothermal water Perlan restaurant is one of local pride of the city of Reykjavik and the tourists' favorite place for dinner, thanks to the vision and the giant glass dome in the center. From the entrance, you'll see the incredible panorama of ocean color of the sky, and volcanic mountains that surrounding the city. Do not forget to order one of the Icelandic delicacies based on seafood, or meat of reindeer.
Bonus: geyser near the restaurant, which offers unmatched performances, throwing up water drops in air.

2. Restaurant Stratosphere, Las Vegas

Each light in Las Vegas, can be seen from one place: the restaurant housed in a skyscraper that houses the casino, hotel and tower, Stratosphere. Extravagant restaurant offers the finest dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, but most customers are absorbed by the beautiful and unique on Las Vegas.
Bonus: Occasionally, also notes that staff cleaning the tower windows.

3. Summit Restaurant, Sydney, Australia

Red carpet, light pink, elegant furniture, all leads you to think of the Sydney Opera House, but remember that you are in one of the finest restaurants in town. Summit offers various dining areas, or relaxes in front of a glass of local beer, and various dishes based on fish, which will delight your taste buds.
Bonus: On a clear day, you can even see Blue Mountains surrounding the city.

4. Restaurant Allalin, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Allalin is the world's highest restaurant, located on top of a glacier 3,300 meters above sea level. You will see from there the highest mountains in the Swiss Alps, while you are served with pasta and cream appetizing dishes, sausages and strudels local recipes made with apples.

Bonus: From here you can see well south-east Italy; the visibility is excellent even to Milan, in a clear day.

5. Restaurant 181 in Munich

Renowned chef Otto Koch awarded the Olympic Tower restaurant, the first his Michelin star, the highest and important distinction offered to, restaurants. Named after her placement at 181 m above ground level, the restaurant has three options copied after those of the plane, as the menu: 181 First, 181 Business and 181 Economy - where you can have a menu of three dishes made with only 52 $.

Bonus: No need to bother wasting time and climbing in the Bavarian Alps. Making the Olympic Stadium is inspired by the Alps, and is right under your nose, next to the famous restaurant.