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Top 5 most luxurious ski chalets in the world

Luxurious Ski Holiday, Chalet One Oak, Megeve, France, Dining room

For a luxurious holiday in the mountains get ready to fork out serious amounts of money. Ski chalets owned or frequented by the richest people on the planet have exorbitant prices, and service to match. Here's how it is inside!

1. Snow House

In the small village Raffort, near the resort of Meribel in France, you can relax for a week in cottage L'Ecume des Neiges. It has four levels, can accommodate up to 16 people in eight bedrooms and cost 11,000 euros / week according to Chalet Luxe agency.

2. Chalet La Rocher

In Val d'Isere, you will spend a week in peak season to chalet La Rocher with a fabulous sum of 115,000 euros according to Scott Dunn agency. Even divided by the 14 occupants, the amount of approximately 8.000 / euro per person seems quite high. But for one week, for this amount of money you can enjoy the indoor pool, hot Jacuzzi on the terrace of the lodge and decorated in classic style a big living.

3. Chalet Gourmets

Also in France, cottage One Oak (Single piece of Oak) promises to comfort both inside and fun on the slopes by positioning two steps away from the ski area of Megeve. It was opened only last year, and the services include Gourmet kitchen. Including the chef, chalet will cost you 27,300 euros for 12 people. If quitting his services, renting the chalet for a week decreased to 15,500 euros.

4. Richard Branson Chalet

In Verbier, the peaks of the Swiss Alps can spoil yourself for a week of relaxation in the favorite luxurious little nest of billionaire Richard Branson. You have a spa complete with a therapist, a coordinator of activities and cooks at your house. The cost for a week of pampering for 18 people is 69,000 euros offered by the Virgin Limited Edition agency.