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Top 5 most loved cities of the world

Most loved Cities, Tokyo, Japan, Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium, Relaxing day

Did you intend to enjoy a vacation to print in your mind for a long time and to give you a unique experience? Then choose to visit one of the most beloved and popular cities in the world.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a city staggering that are quickly filled with euphoria from all points of view. The food, culture different from that of Europeans, overly tall buildings leading technology are just some of the factors that propel the capital of Japan in the first place among the most loved cities of the world.

In Tokyo will discover Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden (in this garden the most popular is the alley with cherry blossoms), the famous stadium Ryogoku Kokugikan and also approximately 160,000 odd restaurants that are part of a special culinary empire.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is the commercial power of China, the country's richest city and impresses with center cityscapes and flower gardens with teahouses and on the periphery.

Shanghai has been called the "Paris of the East" in the '30s, before falling prey of the Second World War and the Communist Revolution.

Santiago, Chile

Although the largest and most exciting festivals and carnivals are held on the other side of the Andes, Santiago is a fascinating city. Here the weather is more beautiful than in Vancouver, better music than in Seattle cafe prettier than in Portland.

San Francisco, California

Robert Kennedy said, "If I am elected president, I will move the White House to San Francisco ".

The city is famous for streets with high inclination for cable-drawn trams to Chinatown to TransAmerica Pyram building for Victorian architecture and fog phenomenon that lasts sometimes even a few months.

Petra, Jordan

Known as the Lost City of Petra is a city that reigns in stone and who is said to have been built under the authority of Joseph.

The city began to become known after she was visited by Sultan Baibars in the middle of the Middle Ages.