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Top 5 most beautiful gardens in the world - major tourist attractions

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Botanical Gardens of the world gives us the opportunity to pamper yourself in nature. A day ride through the colorful and fragrant flowers and admiring nature is the best way to relax on vacation. Here are five of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Keukenhof Garden (Netherlands)

It is known as the Garden of Europe. According has 32 hectares garden full of tulips, mills, fountains and lakes that capture the visitor.

You can enjoy the beauty of tulips in particular three months a year, from March to May, so it is important from time to plan your holiday in Netherlands!
Keukenhof Gardens is halfway between Amsterdam and The Hague and owns one of the main symbols of the country: the tulip.

Monet's Gardens (France)

These gardens can be recognized by anyone who has seen the most famous paintings of impressionist painter Claude Monet. Like Monet's paintings, gardens radically change their appearance depending on the season. Here you have the opportunity to visit the home of the famous painter.

Peterhof Palace Gardens (Russia)

Peterhof Palace impresses with its gardens and awaits visitors with an enormous waterfall. The sound of nature, accompanied by flowing water fountains are a true delight. You should not miss a walk in the gardens.

Versailles Palace Gardens (France)

The famous gardens of the Versailles submitted to UNESCO World Heritage list in 1979. Visitors can admire colorful flowers and trees and shrubs impressive.

Cactus Garden (Spain)

Located in Lanzarote in the Canary island archipelago, Cactus Garden was created by artist and landscape architect Cesar Manrique. It is one of the famous works by Manrique. Here you can admire more than 10,000 copies of cacti.