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Top 4 weirdest hotels in the world

Weirdest Hotels Holiday, Dog Bark Park Inn,Cottonwood, Idaho, Side view

Human imagination has no limits! Have you ever imagined a holiday in which you can accommodate in a concrete tube or in a hotel shaped as a dog? Well, these things are possible, and prices for the accommodation are for all budgets. Here are the strangest hotels in the world!

Do you have the courage to accommodate here?

Das Park

In the town of Linz in Austria there is a hotel with rooms created from concrete pipes. For an overnight stay in a room that does not exceed two square meters will have to fork out $ 65.

Dog Bark Park Inn

If you love dogs and you get in Cottonwood, Idaho, you can accommodate into an unusual hotel. It has the form of dog. For one night accommodations price is 98 dollars per person. For each additional person accommodated will pay another 10 dollars. The price includes breakfast. You can even take your dog with you on vacation, but it will have to pay for $ 15 per night.

Hotel Hobbit

Are you a fan of the story written by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit? Then you can opt for a vacation in Woodlyn Park, New Zealand. Hotel Hobbit character perfectly imitate little house. For one night accommodation but will have to pay about $ 240 for two people.

Hotel CasAnus

Hotel located in the town Kemzeke in Belgium is a sculpture of the human digestive system. In the hotel built entirely of natural materials, annually hosts more than 200 people. For one night accommodation will have to fork out about 160 dollars.