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Travel WorldNews Tops Top 4 best destinations for 2013

Top 4 best destinations for 2013

2013 Destination Holiday, Slovakia, Europe, Bojnice Castle overview

Turkey, Sri Lanka and Slovakia are some of the best tourist destinations for 2013. Want to try something new, to go as far from home to find a culture totally different from everything you ever met? Then do not hesitate to get oriented to one of these highly rated countries by the tourism operators for the current year.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the country where you'll discover that you can travel to an exotic place, even with a limited budget. This accommodation, food and entertainment have low costs. In Sri Lanka you can easily spend two weeks with the money that dream you spend elsewhere in only five days.

The tourism industry is heavily fueled by investors during this period, especially after the tragedy that took place in Sri Lanka in recent years.

Apart from low prices, Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for people who want to discover new people and a totally different culture, mystical and interesting.


Montenegro can be described as a wild beauty emerging. Montenegro is the ideal destination for those who want to have some adventure and spectacular scenery.

If you go in Montenegro, and in Storage bathing suit, and a pair of boots, which go through wild lands and little explored.


Two decades after the Velvet Revolution, Slovakia enjoys a rapid development, which starts at increasing economy, EU and tourism.

For 2013, Slovakia is one of the most recommended destinations in Europe.


With low cost airlines, you get to Turkey in a very short time and there you can enjoy high culture, historical cities, especially fine foods, super extra spicy and delicious. Even if you are a foodie, Turkish cuisine will surely whet your appetite for oriental dishes without you realize.

Any tourist who visits Turkey must assume that he would return home not only relaxed, but with a few extra pounds!