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Top 10 richest countries of the world as luxury destinations

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One of the most important things a tourist should they propose, is to prepare a list with long-term goals. For example, you set a goal to see all states in USA, all countries of the Mediterranean Sea, or where there are mountains with peaks higher than 5,000 meters.

A unique objective is to visit the richest countries in the world. We present the top 10 and you decide if you still deserved to add to your list.

10. Hong Kong

Although is not an actual country, but a "special administrative region", Hong Kong is a place rich and lures you with many attractions. Museums, temples, islands, Disneyland Park, the park dedicated to Buddha are some of the 'specialties' that you hand in Hong Kong.

9. Switzerland

The main reason you have to visit this country in central Europe is skiing. In Switzerland, you can find numerous resorts, dedicated to this winter sport where you have the chance to meet with tourists from all over the world. Switzerland is worth visiting not only for ski resorts but also for glaciers, lakes, castles and vineyards.

8. Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the richest countries in oil, from the Middle East. Oil of this state was and why, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, started in 1990 the "Gulf War". The main attractions of this country are Kazmah desert rocks, and the Port of Failaka Island.

7. USA

Another rich country in the world is U.S. A trip across the U.S. necessarily means visiting the Statue of Liberty, a photo session at Niagara Falls and a walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

6. Brunei

Tourists choose Brunei, a small country in Southeast Asia for the Belalong National Park and Jerudong Theme Park.

5. Singapore

Singapore means a combination inspired by culture: Malaysian, Chinese, Indian. It is a tropical island, which is in the same time great urban density and can provide a range of interesting activities for tourists.

4. Norway

Norway is the place where you can learn almost everything about the history of the Vikings. Here, you can climb mountains, you can pedal a bike or you can practice different water sports.

3. United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates you cannot get bored. Here you will find the most luxurious hotels, beautiful beaches, sand dunes and huge number of shops where you do shopping.

2. Qatar

Quatar is a state famous for its oil deposits. Many tourists prefer this area to practice water sports in the Persian Gulf. Moreover, you can travel by car to the ground among the sand dunes, visit the theme park "Alladin's Kingdom" and you can rest in the shade of a palm.

1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country bordered by Germany, France and Belgium. Here you can admire the castles of stories, you can wander the endless vineyards and you can feast of French cuisine and German dishes.