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Top 10 most futuristic hotels

Waterworld Hotel, Songjiang, China, Concept art

We live in a dynamic world in constant change. Therefore, in future will thrive only those who have something special to offer. Hotels designers of tomorrow take into account these trends, in creating the most futuristic hotels in the world.

If in the most luxurious hotels in the world watchword was opulent, keywords that characterize the architectural jewels of the future are: luxury space, light, science fiction, super-technology, elegant curves, exorbitant and strategic locations - future hotels, are not only terrestrial but also underwater and even cosmic.

What is amazing is that some of these hotels have gone from being futuristic concept and begin to become reality. The only luxury hotel futuristic completed is famous Burj al Arab in Dubai (UAE).

Welcome to the future!

1. Hotel Burj al-Arab - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Unofficially considered the first (and still only, until the completion Apeiron's) 7-star hotel in the world, Bur al-Arab is the most luxurious hotel in the world. This hotel in the shape of the sail boat is built on an artificial island at 280 m away from Jumeirah beach, linked to shore via a private bridge bent. With a height of 321 meters, Burj al Arab is the 4th tallest hotel in the world. If Burj Al Arab's exterior is an expression of modern architecture, luxurious interior is a combination of Western and Eastern styles. Burj Al Arab has a huge atrium 180 feet high and boasts 8,000 square meters covered with foil for 22 carat gold, and 24,000 square feet of marble.

Status: Complete
Estimated cost of project: $ 1.6 billion
Cost per person: from $ 1,000 to over $ 28,000 per night, and $ 75 to take a look inside.

2. Hotel Apeiron (Apeiron Island Hotel) - Dubai, UAE

This will be the second (self-declared) 7-star hotel in Dubai, which is still under design. Apeiron Hotel will be built on an island that lies about 400 m to the coast of Dubai; it will be reached only by boats and helicopters. The two towers in the shape of the Apeiron's wings can accommodate 350 luxury apartments and two floors above the first will contain a thicket with butterflies and other insects. The total area of 200,000 square meters will be hotel and its height is 185 m. Apeiron's going to be a luxury resort, equipped with private lagoons and beaches, shops, cinemas, art galleries and a restaurant, spa and an underwater gym.

Status: concept
Estimated cost of project: $ 400,000,000

3. The hotel complex lunar, Death Star - Baku, Azerbaijan

This Asian resort reinvents the notion of skyscrapers, with patterns inspired by outer space. South Korean architects who designed this complex Asian provided him with two hotels facing the Caspian Sea: Hotel "Full Moon" - a sphere with a hole in the top right that looks like a black hole (black holes appear in a star explosion - may, hence the name of the complex) - and hotel "Crescent" - an arc similar to a growing moon. Hotel "Full Moon" is designed in such a way as to radically change their appearance when viewed from different angles.

Status: under construction
Estimated cost of project: over $ 500 million

4. Hydropolis Hotel - Dubai, UAE

This hotel (which is still in concept stage) will be the first underwater luxury hotel and the first hotel (self-proclaimed) of 10 stars in the world. Located near Jumeirah beach, 20 m under water, will have a concrete and steel structure. Plexiglas walls and ceiling, will allow residents to admire the beauty of the ocean in its true colors. Although it was scheduled to open in 2006, due to technical difficulties of building an underwater hotel, the project was delayed.

Status: concept
Estimated cost of project: $ 500,000,000

5. Poseidon underwater resort - near Fiji

Poseidon (god of the sea), is a hotel designed by Bruce Jones - president of U.S. Submarines Inc., who has spent much of his career designing submarines for the rich. Hotel Poseidon is near Fiji, 12 m under water and will have 22 rooms of 51 sqm. Each room will have a 270 degree view of the ocean. Poseidon underwater resort in the tourists will be able to steer the submarine will make excursions among the coral reefs and marine will practice different sports. A room will be $ 15,000 per night, price which includes private plane transport from an airport in Fiji.

Status: under construction
Estimated cost of project: $ 105,000,000

6. Manned Cloud Flying Hotel (in translation - "the cloud, with people on board") - Paris, France

Manned Cloud is a concept for an aircraft type hotel, designed by French architect Jean-Marie Massaud. It is intended to be a green hotel, which will travel around the Earth at a speed of 170km / h, with a capacity of 40 passengers. It will also contain a restaurant, a library, a gym and a spa.

Status: concept

7. Waterworld Hotel - Songjiang, China

With this hotel project, the Atkin's architects have won an international design competition. Waterworld is a hotel built in a natural element: a spectacular career filled with water from Songjiang (China). The uniqueness of this hotel of 400 rooms will be increased and the guest rooms and public areas that will include underwater. In addition, the resort will also include cafes and restaurants, a luxurious pool and the major attraction will be given facilities for extreme sports: climbing and bungee jumping.

Status: concept

8. Hotel Helix - Abu Dhabi, UAE

A feature of this design is that the hotel will have normal levels, but they will spiral down from top to bottom, without interruptions very well defined, "flowing" from hotel rooms in the sauna. This super-tech hotel will use to a maximum renewable energy sources such as sun, wind and ocean water. Temperature and humidity of the 208 rooms will be adjusted by a waterfall inside. The hotel will include a rooftop pool.

Status: concept

9. Aeroscraft flying hotel hotel - California, USA

Aeroscraft is a huge and luxurious flying hotel, of 400 tons, designed by Igor Pasternak in his company from California - Worldwide Aeros Corporation. The hotel will have an area as two football fields and a capacity of 250 passengers; this hotel will have a flying hotel speed of 280 km / h, and will fly at a height of 2,400 meters. To minimize noise, the engines will be electric. Although this hotel besides flying hotel, the largest commercial aircraft look like dwarfs, it requires less space on the ground than any plane because it does not need a runway: take off and land likes a helicopter - straight up and down. Among the facilities offered by this hotel include a casino and several restaurants.

Status – prototype

10. Commercial Space Station Skywalker Space Hotel - Las Vegas, USA

CSS Skywalker will be the first hotel that will orbit in space. For $ 1 million per night, these hotel passengers will fly 28,000 km / h, will learn to do tricks in a state of weightlessness and will contemplate galaxy full of stars. CSS Skywalker will have a volume of 1,500 cubic meters, a mass of 100 tons and a diameter of 30 m. This hotel-rocket is designed so that to survive in adverse conditions. Spacecraft modules of this were developed by NASA as part of the TransHab.

Status - will be available in 2015
Location - to 515 km from Earth
Estimated cost of project: $ 500,000,000
Cost per person: $ 1 million per night