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The most valuable monuments in Europe

Valuable Monuments, Paris, France, Eiffel Tower at dawn

A study in Italy shows that the tourism of the most beautiful monuments in Europe amounted to 700 billion euro.

Eiffel Tower worth five times more than the Coliseum in Rome, and this amount represents one-fifth of the GDP of France.

The study, conducted by the Chamber of Commerce of Monza and Brianza, analyzes monuments tourist value, based on 10 criteria of economic, socio-cultural and tourist.

The first is on the Eiffel Tower, worth, according to the study, 434 billion, the amount is not material value, but the value represented by the brand.

"Iron Lady", as it is known monument symbol of Paris, gathering more than seven million visitors each year, of which 75 percent are from other countries.

According to the Italian study, the Coliseum in Rome is worth 91 billion euros.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is worth 90 billion, and the Tower of London, 70.5 billion.

On the list of most valuable in terms of tourism targets in Europe there are also the Prado Museum in Madrid, tourist evaluated at 60 million.

Stonehenge, the suspended stones in the UK attracts a million visitors annually, the value of 10.5 billion euros.