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The most impressive pools in the world

Impressive Swimming Pool, Chile, America, San Alfonso del Mar aerial view

It is true that nothing compares with the sea, but if you really want luxury, convenience and exclusive conditions, the pool will always remain the first option. Here are some of the most impressive pools in the world.

1. Crown Towers Hotel - Taipa Island

If you want to see a beautiful sunrise from a luxury pool in excellent and great conditions, the Crown Towers Hotel is the best option. The pool is located inside the hotel and has a great view, really impressive.

2. Burj Al Arab - Dubai

Although the prices of accommodation, from Burj Al Arab, are exaggerated for the average man with a modest salary, swimming pool worth every penny, not just the way it is built and how it looks, but for facilities that offer you the whole room.

3. Golden Nugget - Las Vegas

Although at the first sight, the pool is not very impressive, if you get there you'll find that you get an experience totally unique. More specifically, it is a hollow tank in the middle of the pool, in which some sharks swim.

4. Resort Blue Lagoon - Iceland

Although not really a pool this location is part of the Blue Lagoon Hotel and offers countless facilitated when you get there. Although it is snow all over the surrounding water is still very hot and impossible to do either cold or to catch a cold.

5. Hotel Begawan Giri - Bali

This villa with pool, not very big, but very much impressed by its appearance, its originality, and the scenery, and relaxation offered. This pool is ideal for a couple or small family.

6. Mandarin Oriental Hotel - New York

If you want, and you would like to go to a luxury pool, Olympic-size pool, you can go to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York. This is at the top of the hotel, where you can see the entire city in its splendor.

7. San Alfonso del Mar - Chile

Swimming pool at San Alfonso del Mar is a mini ocean, located on the shore of the ocean. The pool is large enough to satisfy tourists that are in 8 separate buildings of the hotel, and allow them to enjoy water sports right in front of the hotel.

The swimming pool has areas for children, where water is not more than 1 meter deep and deeper areas for adults who want to venture.

8. Hotel Six Senses Hideaway - Oman

What if you wake up every in the morning holiday, and enjoy only you, about this view? This is only one hotel chalets and is equipped with an incredible relaxation area with a beautiful pool.