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The most expensive cities in the world

Most expensive cities 2011, Tokyo, Japan, Bullet Train aerial view

The most expensive cities in the world are in Japan and Switzerland, according to a survey by ECA International, a human resources consulting firm.

The surveys are conducted twice a year and include results on living standards in 400 cities worldwide, with data on costs for food, clothing and other consumer goods. The report is used by multinational companies to calculate wages of employees sent to work abroad.

The most expensive cities

According to the rankings, Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world in 2011 and occupied the same first position in 2010. Here, a quick lunch cost 20.80 U.S. dollars, a beer at the bar cost 10.56 U.S. dollars a kilogram of rice 9.80 dollars, 4.50 U.S. dollars a dozen eggs and a movie ticket 23.80 dollars.

On the second place is Oslo, where a cinema ticket costs 18.80 dollars. For a kilo of rice pay 6.10 U.S. dollars, cost 45.20 U.S. dollars a quick lunch, a beer at the bar cost 13.18 dollars and a dozen eggs, 8.50 dollars. Oslo took second place in 2010. Nagoya is the third most expensive city in the world. Here, lunch costs $ 19, beer 11.37 U.S. dollars, rice, 8.50 dollars; eggs, 3.60 U.S. dollars, and movie tickets, 21.80 dollars. In 2010, Nagoya was ranked fourth.

Sydney (position 16) is a city more expensive than Paris (20), Manhattan (44) and Honk Kong (45). Oslo in 2011 remains the most expensive city in Europe and the second most expensive in world class. Jerusalem (33) is more expensive than Vienna (34) and Berlin (35).

In the Americas, Caracas (15) is the most expensive destination, followed by Rio de Janeiro (23) and Sao Paolo (27). In North America, Vancouver (37) is the most expensive city, followed by Ottawa (40), Toronto (42) and Manhattan (44). In last place in the top 50 most expensive cities are Montreal.

Top 10 most expensive cities in the world:

1) Tokyo (Japan)
2) Oslo (Norway)
3) Nagoya (Japan)
4) Stavanger (Norway)
5) Yokohama (Japan)
6) Zurich (Switzerland)
7) Luanda (Angola)
8) Geneva (Switzerland)
9) Kobe (Japan)
10) Berne (Switzerland)