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The largest hotel in the world

World Largest Hotels, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Lobby

The largest hotel in the world is all over the world, the Middle East to Europe and the United States. These hotels have a large number of rooms, from 3,000 hotel rooms to 7000 rooms.

1. Megacenter Palazzo, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city which has many hotels with many rooms. Megacenter Palazzo is one of them, offering its customers no less than 7117 hotel rooms. The hotel has 19 restaurants with awarded chefs, 80 international boutiques and countless opportunities for fun.

2. First World Hotel, Malaysia

First World Hotel is a giant hotel in Malaysia, with 6118 rooms. The hotel is located near the Genting Theme Park, near forested mountains and a distance of one hour and half, of Kuala Lumpur. First World Hotel has a casino, a fitness center, bars and restaurants with music and Malaysian food.

3. Izmailovo Hotel, Moscow

Izmailovo is a 3 star hotel in Moscow, built in the late '70s. The hotel can accommodate over 1,000 tourists thanks to its rooms of 7500. Izmailovo was renovated in the late '90s and is a destination for travel with an average budget.

4. Asia-Asia Hotel, Dubai

Asia-Asia is a luxury hotel in Dubai with 6,500 rooms. The hotel is rated 5 stars and is an oasis of luxury in the financial and historical center of the city. Asia-Asia is considered one of the most important destinations in the Middle East.

5. MGM Grand, Las Vegas

One of the largest hotels in Las Vegas is the MGM Grand Las Vegas. Hotel-casino has 7,372 rooms and is one of the largest hotels in the world. Since its opening, the hotel was the largest in the world, and today ranks among the first places internationally. The property houses the hotel pools, rivers, and waterfalls own spas, many shops, nightclubs, restaurants, entertainment, etc.