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The largest and most impressive markets in Europe

Impressive Markets, Portobello Market, London, England, Food and goods

When planning a holiday in Budapest, Istanbul and London on the list of places to visit, could enter and central markets of these cities. Here you will discover the true centers of commerce in which you can buy souvenirs, food, books, vintage clothing, perfumes and even pieces of furniture unique in the world.

Main Square in Budapest, Hungary

Neo-Gothic style building houses the largest Hungarian capital market and is even a tourist attraction.

Large Square consists of basement, where there are various products (toys, clothes, and household products), the floor (food only) and floor (where you can find stands with souvenirs, leather accessories, various types of alcohol, but the cafe).

The market is vast, well ventilated, bright and very clean.

Piazza San Josep of Boqueria, Barcelona

Piazza San Josep shows how high food prices put Spanish on diversified. At one stand in the market can find many varieties of fruits and vegetables and merchants invite you to taste before you buy fresh goods.

Piazza San Josep is the soul city - here come not only locals (for shopping and even to socialize), but tourists are very curious to discover one of the largest and most beautiful squares in Europe.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey

Grand Bazaar is one of the largest markets in the world, the rule stands with perfumes, jewelry, carpets, ceramics and spices.

Grand Bazaar has over 3000 shops and 61 streets. So it's easy to get lost, but at the same time is a real adventure tourists certainly do not feel how fast time goes when you walk in the store in the store.

Portobello Market, London, England

Portobello Market is a bazaar with many stalls where there are souvenirs, products of silver, porcelain, paintings, trinkets, furniture and food products.

Here you will find antique and second-hand, and vintage designer accessories and furs.