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The best destinations for vegetarian tourists

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For vegetarians, planning a vacation can be problematic in terms of food. There are however, ideal destinations for this type of tourists. True paradise culinary destination for vegetarians, made available to them, spices and exotic plants, tasty, and with a novel aspect.

Best holiday destinations for vegetarians:

Some of the top destinations with delicious vegetarian food are Asian countries, and Buddhist cities. Here are some of the most inspired choices:

- Hong Kong
- India;
- Malaysia;
- Singapore;
- Taiwan;
- Thailand;
- Vietnam.

India is considered the top destination for vegetarians. Throughout the country, Indian cuisine, offers tourists a wide range of dishes without meat. Some cities are entirely vegetarian.

In Taiwan there are over 6,000 vegetarian places to eat light and less sweet. Because many of the vegetarian population, and the Buddhist religion, food in Taiwan is an extremely important element in the country's culture.

Other destinations vegetarian

There are other countries that are not necessarily focused on the vegetarian food, but include many dishes based on vegetables and grains. Turkey is a good example. Snacks called mezze, sauces, bread, fruits and vegetables are in abundance in Turkish cuisine.

Dishes of eggplant, tomatoes and zucchini are very tasty and suitable for those who want a meatless feast. Whether you simply go to a local or a luxury restaurant in Turkey always find many vegetarian dishes, from appetizers to desserts.

In Belgium, the restaurants have introduced at least one vegetarian dish on the week and in schools children are encouraged to eat meatless dishes.

In Italy in regions like Sicily can try dishes that are based on cheese, vegetables and local herbs. Parmigiana di melanzane, or pasta omlette, are two of the dishes popular in Naples.