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Superb destinations for spring 2013

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After all these months of cold and snow, spring break planning is like a sunbeam. To enjoy a nice long spring break, we suggest some really special destinations during March to May.


Although prices are pretty steep in Miami, you will not experience anywhere more beautiful part of this, the pictures seem to be detached from Paradise, parties and fine sandy beaches and blue waters.

In March you can tan in Miami smoothly and at night you can have fun in the most exclusive clubs in the world.


Cancun is one of the most popular destinations for spring in North America. Here you will enjoy low prices on accommodation, beautiful beaches and lively nightlife.

Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) you can enjoy throughout the day, free and peaceful beaches, mountains can be climbed even by an amateur and bays withdrawn hidden. At night, you will discover a multitude of terraces, cafes, bars and clubs where you can have fun until dawn.


If you want a trip to a European city, Split is one of the best options. The city is located in Dalmatia, on the Costa Adriatic and, although temperatures still not allow you to sunbathe in March, certainly you could walk in short sleeves on the beautiful city streets.


Amsterdam is a city that you can visit at any time of year, but spring will discover a charm on the streets of the Dutch capital. During this time is truly fascinating to walk around the boat to take picnic in designated areas of parks to ride a bike or simply relax in a specific bar area.


April is ideal for visiting Venice. At that time the city looks like a living museum, temperatures are suitable to dress in casual outfits and streets are invaded by tourists. Venice beauties will breathtaking during the spring months, so do not miss this chance.