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Six exciting destinations for July

Exciting Destinations, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Naadam Festival, Archer

Whether you are looking for unique shows, whether you want to participate in a range of energetic activities or want to see a different perspective of cities that you know already, here are some recommendations for destinations for July.

1. Sonkajarvi, Finland

Every year in July, in Sonkajarvi, there is the competition "Wife Carrying World Championships". Thus male competitors must carry in the back, a woman who weighs at least 55 kilograms on an obstacle course, approximately 300 meters. Among the obstacles is a pool two feet deep. The competition has a lot of people who come annually from around the world.

2. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

National Holiday of Mongolia takes place in the period 11 to 13 July. During the celebration, there is also the festival Naadem where takes place, three different events (archery, Mongolian wrestling and horse racing). At this festival, women have also the right to participate, not only men, but only at shooting competition and racing horses. The event is held, on the National Sports Stadium.

3. Siena, Italy

The old streets of Siena, host the annual event "Palio Horse Race", between July 2 and August 16. Race has 10 riders and horses gallop through downtown to the Piazza del Campo. Before the horse race, there is a colorful parade, known as Corteo Storico, where passersby and tourists can enjoy the presence of characters dressed in medieval costumes.

Horse race takes about two minutes and does not account for too many rules. This means that tourists can see the competition between riders, but also a dirty game that they, ensure that their rivals will not win.

4. Alaska, USA

July is the best time you can make a trip to Alaska. During this period the weather is much warmer than usual and a simple walk can capture the beauty of the area and grizzly bears of Katmai National Park, where bears are fed with fresh fish and tourists have some hell of a show.

5. Mendoza, Argentina

If you want cold weather, and ski or snowboard, July is a good choice in this regard, if you go to Mendoza. Here you will find many wonderful resorts (Las Lenas, Penitentes, etc.). The best place for winter sports is however, Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in the world after Everest.

6. Pamplona, Spain

Between July 6 and July 16, takes place, Running of the Bulls festival, where hundreds of tourists and locals come in a crazy race that runs in front of bulls and try to escape without being pierced, press it and in general injured.