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Most expensive cities that however you want to visit

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The most expensive cities are most often ultramodern urban areas where only rich people can afford an apartment. These destinations are very developed in terms of business, commercial, cultural. Thus, a visit to an expensive city is a temptation too great to be ignored. To plan a vacation in a city known for its high prices, it is important to do your research and find alternative ways forward where possible.

Here are the most expensive cities that you still want to visit:

New York

New York can be visited with little money, but what is more interesting to offer this city is usually steep prices: luxury apartments above the clouds, large stores of fashion designers, lavish parties, concerts of the highest world artists etc. In New York, a simple glass of water can cost U.S. $ 2.5 in a bar. For a coffee in some places you can even pay $ 7.5.


Tokyo is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of the world, metropolis featuring many international charts. However, Tokyo is also one of the most expensive cities. Those who travel here should take out of their pocket 2 pounds for a liter of milk and £ 5.25 for a cup of coffee. Tokyo even ranks in the top one of the most expensive cities in the world for 2012.


Moscow is an impressive destination of Russia, not only because of its cultural attractions and architecture, but also as a result of services offered by some clubs luxurious and exclusive hotels. If other cities is cheaper to buy food in supermarkets than lunch at restaurant in Moscow prices for vegetables and fruits are high even at the store.

In this city so attractive to wealthy people, a simple red cost over 1 euro and a bag of carrots cost some 17 euros.


Oslo is considered a special holiday destination, thanks to the country with a high standard of living and the many strengths of this city. Metropolis abounds in museums, parks and art galleries. Few people, however, are planning a vacation here because of high prices.

Thus, for a subway ride you could pay around $ 6, and for a short ferry crossing, 8.5 dollars. Those who want to go out for a beer with friends in Oslo must at least $ 10 out of pocket. Even a baguette sandwich type and a bottle of soda can cost $ 25, just like at a restaurant in other major cities.


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and one of the most beautiful in the country. City architecture, the high level of civilization and natural scenery are just some of the attributes of this metropolis.

However, every year Zurich listed among the most expensive destinations. In Zurich, a 30-minute train ride can cost about 20 Swiss francs. A complete meal in a restaurant may cost 100 francs per person. A transportation ticket for a trip can cost over € 3.