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Five strangest museums in the world

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Have you ever thought that sex could have an art museum dedicated? Or that there is a museum, which are presented many species of parasites? Well, these institutions are quite real and interesting. Here are five of the weirdest museums in the world.

1. Museum of Sex - New York

Museum of Sex offers a lot of information, both at the spiritual and practical, in terms of gender and sexuality. Here you will find erotic art galleries and galleries based on fetishes.
Museum of Sex is one of the most exciting and interesting museums in the world, especially inside it can make a stop at the bar where you will find a menu based solely on food and beverage aphrodisiac.

2. Mutter Museum - Philadelphia

In Mutter Museum you can see the bodies of the first Siamese twins, and other human abnormalities exhibited in preservation fluid containers.
You will have a unique experience by simply visiting this museum, but also because you will see many unusual things from the medical field, things that until now only heard about.

3. Museum of Parasites - Tokyo

A simple visit to the Museum of Parasites from Tokyo will make you become a little hypochondriac and exaggerated in terms of hygiene. Here you can see over 300 types of parasites, and the piece de resistance is a 9 meter long tapeworm, removed from a woman's body. It looks like she took the parasite from a portion of sushi.

4. Phalluses Museum - Iceland

The museum has an impressive collection of 209 phalluses coming from different mammalian species, including blue whales, white bears and even people.

5. Torture Museum - Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous not only because of the Red Light District and cake with marijuana, but for Torture Museum, which will make you feel quite uncomfortable.

Small rooms, dimly lit and torture instruments are so scary that will give you chills down your spine.