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Five national parks with spectacular scenery

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The charm of nature always remains unmatched. And the landscapes in natural parks listed below clearly proves this. Here are five incredible images captured in as many national parks across several continents.

1. Fiordland National Park

Amazingly, but Norwegians a national park baptized with the name "land of the Fjords" but Zealanders! Fiordland consists of 14 stunning with breathtaking fjords, lakes and waterfalls, and a special flora and fauna. He drew worldwide attention after it was used as decoration for shooting the film "Lord of the Rings".

2. Torres del Paine National Park

Reserve Chilean Patagonia is home of the majestic condor south and the park houses some of the most popular climbing routes in the world. Mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers and old forests, Torres del Paine make one of the most majestic and charming parks in the world.

3. Lake District National Park

England managed to have a hot girl, despite the reputation of the country of mists and Lake District National Park are among the most charming areas of the island. Despite the name and the numerous ponds which is meet along valleys in the county of Cumbria, only one eye of water held official lake called Lake Bassentwaite.

4. National Park Serengeti

Green Heart of Africa is situated in northern Tanzania. Serengeti is the oldest ecosystems on Earth, climate, flora and fauna as they currently resisting several million years. Annually 1.5 million wild animals adjourn for a few months in richest plains of Serengeti before the drought effect turn the place for a short period in an arid savannah.

5. Luang National Park, Guilin

Guangxi Province in China is where a fantastic realm arises on the banks of the River Li. Rocks and hills scattered with strange shapes intertwine pursed in a geologic maze amazing. Place it seems rooted in ancient Chinese legends and the best way to enjoy a view of the park is the Li River cruise.