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Five great cities where you can get lost even with map in hand

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Tourist Life is not always easy. If certain cities have planted signs landmark in modern culture, to help you orient yourself in these cities even without a map, others are a real nuisance even to the locals. Here are 5 cities in the world where you can easily get lost if you do not get the services of a guide!

1. Boston

The city most representative of New England region, Boston is a labyrinth of streets chaotically scattered near Massachusetts Bay and the left and the right of Mystic River.

Tourists who come annually in Boston in large numbers (millions!) Are confused by the lack of symmetry in the organization of the city, making it hard to focus in classical search parts: Fenway Park, Logan International Airport and Chinatown.

2. Ho Chi Minh

The largest city of Vietnam is the best of its alleys, boulevards than strictly drawn during the communist regime. 7.4 million Souls living in this town near the Mekong River deletion, but no they cannot handle paths through the thicket of "city enigma", known as the old Saigon.

3. Venice

Italian flooded city attracts millions of visitors annually, but is a real labyrinth of canals, streets, squares, bridges and roads blocked. Beyond trails start real Venice with canals and narrow sidewalks, spun around buildings submerged in water.

4. Washington DC

The administrative capital of the United States has drawn the model Parisian boulevards, but it is a hard place to go by bike or by car. The many one-way streets that you deviate from the road, make Washington a torment for drivers, as well as locals. In addition, street name alphabetically is downright confusing. Thus, there is no J Street, and "I Street" is the same as "Eye Street"

5. Amsterdam

"Venice of the North" is perfect for cycling fans. You can pedal slowly along canals that cross the city on the lake IJ. It is not however a guarantee that the road will take where actually you have planned to go.