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Five dream destinations for Christmas holiday

Five Dream Destinations, Mauritius, Africa, Santa on water ski

If you want to have the most successful Christmas holiday so far, needs to start already, to make your plans and reservations, even if there is some time before. If you have no idea where you spent the winter holidays, we come to your aid, with a few dream destinations!

1. Vienna, Austria

Austrian capital is worth visiting around the holidays. It boasts one of the most beautiful Christmas fairs and exhibitions and is one of the most beautiful cities ornate and decorated for the holidays.

Surely you have something to visit in the Vienna; the city keeps a history and special locations where you can delight in the daily walks.

2. Mauritius, Africa

For those who want to give the cold and snow from the country on a sunny beach area, we have a heavenly destination, worth every penny - the island of Mauritius, Africa.

Far from civilization and the buzz and holiday stress, you have the opportunity to make your holiday one of the most successful, in an enchanting, full of relaxation and good mood.

3. Lapland, Finland

For those traditionalists by nature, which burn every year to look forward as we step into Santa Claus, as we have even suggested his country, Lapland (Rovaniemi region), one dream destination for lovers of this holiday.

The area is like a broken landscape of fairy tale and full of surprises and traditional winter activities.

4. Val d'Isere, France

If you are passionate about skiing and other winter sports holiday choose a European destination because you can find impressive areas dedicated to skiing, snowboarding and so on.

You can choose, for example, the Val d'Isere, France is located on the border with Italy. It is one of the most luxurious winter destinations and offers a lot of advantages that come to transform your holiday into a true dream.

5. St. Moritz - Switzerland

Mountain resort St. Moritz awaits visitors with some of the most impressive ski slopes for winter games lovers.

The atmosphere is beautiful around the holidays, not to say that you can enjoy some of the most delicious and high quality types of chocolate in the world.