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Find top destinations in 2013

Hoilday 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden, Night view

Those who want to plan next year's holiday already choose one of the best destinations in the world for 2013. Lonely Planet Publication recommends top destinations in 2013, according to the trends announced by the tourism industry worldwide. Find out where travel next year, from the top "Best in Travel 2013".

Destination 2013: Gothenburg

Gothenburg is one of the largest cities in Sweden and also one of the most popular all over Scandinavia. The city has many leisure time activities. Here we organize many annual events.

Coffee culture, great shopping fashion designers, music festivals and nightlife are some of the attractions. Islands near the city forms one of the most beautiful islands existing in Europe. For tourists who want to discover the treasures of Scandinavia in one place, Gothenburg is a good choice.

Destination 2013: Georgia

Georgia is a country other top recommended destinations for travel in 2013. In recent years, the investment in tourism has created new places. Georgia is considered a cheap and friendly destination which, though little known, has a lot to show.

Located between Western Asia and Eastern Europe are found in Georgia influences of several civilizations, in different areas. History lovers they found castles, churches and fortifications, some of them in the ninth century. Local cuisine is based on traditional values of family and contains diverse cuisine, cheap and popular with foreigners.

Destination 2013: Bolivia

In 2013, Bolivia is a top-ranked destination. This South American country seduces tourists with low prices charged for transportation, accommodation and food. A menu cost only $ 5.

Although known as one of the poorest countries of the world, this predominantly indigenous population owns destination with some of the most contrasting regions, from extremely dry to humid jungles, from high mountains to beaches. Indigenous cultures, colonial cities, full of adventure activities, ancient civilizations and landscapes are some of the advantages of Bolivia.