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Dream hotels in the land of wine

Wine Land Holiday, Florence, Italy, Hotel Four Seasons interior view

Wine destinations begin to be increasingly popular and sought as Bacchus liquor lovers, and tourists who want to learn the secrets are the tastiest and noble wines in the world. Here are the best hotels located in the vineyards, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, the best traditional food and you can taste dozens of varieties of wine.

Hotel Four Seasons, Florence

Are you going to visit Florence? Great, you kill two birds with one shot. You will enjoy sensational views of the city and you can visit the Chianti region where you can taste the noblest white wines, red and pink. At Hotel Four Seasons, go to winery area takes only 40 minutes.

Auberge du Soleil, Napa Valley

Auberge du Soleil resort is ideal for you if you are lover of wine. It is a state located in Napa Valley, California, an area renowned for quality wines. At Auberge du Soleil, the wine is so good that I went worldwide fame.

At Closerie de Fronsac, Bordeaux

At Closerie de Fronsac is not a hotel, but rather a beautiful mansion, a house wine, as locals call it. Here you can enjoy not only the French air landscapes, but also the best quality wines. Not for nothing is said to occur Bordeaux wines with unique flavors.

Hospederia del Vino, La Rioja

Hospederia del Vino of La Rioja, Spain, may be the ideal place to stay. This wine hotel you can create the most relaxing vacation as Rioja region is known for its local vineyards. Wines here are a real delight for the taste buds. Red Rose and White Wines from Rioja will attract like a magnet over and over again.

Allison Inn & Spa, Oregon

Allison Inn & Spa in Oregon, USA, is a modern wine which offers an incredible view. Add to these fun-filled afternoons you can spend at local vineyards. This hotel is known for wine therapy that provides tourists.