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Crowded subways in the world

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Metro is an inexpensive way to travel in a city public transport and also an authentic experience. On the subway you can meet local people who go to work and to live their lives every day. In the busiest subways in the world, experience is more intense.


London is the first city in the world that was built underground railway network. Metro was inaugurated in 1863. London Underground has 270 stations and three million people use it every day. One of London underground lines connects the city to the airport.


In China in 1971 opened the first subway line in Beijing. Beijing subway is used by 4 million people each day. In total, the city has 9 lines and 147 stations.


Vienna has one of the busiest metros in Europe, but also one of the best subway systems in the world operated. Transport network has been modernized several times. Currently, around 1.3 million people use the Viennese subway.


Tokyo Metro has 13 lines and 282 stations. Every day, this transport system is used by 8.7 million people.


Moscow Metro is one of the sights of the city. Some stations are decorated with works of art that made public spaces unique in the world for transportation. In Moscow there are 7 million people who go underground every day.


Seoul Metropolitan Subway is not less than 436 stations. It`s lines linking Seoul to Incheon City and Gyeonggi province. About 8 million people use this means of transport.


Prague has 57 metro stations, some of which are adorned with decorations. Every day, take the metro in Prague about 1.5 million people.


Paris has 300 stations and 16 underground lines. Some stations are decorated in Art Nouveau style. Paris metro is a cheap and quick to reach from side to side of town.