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Travel WorldNews Tops 8 Perfect destinations for an extended weekend - Part Two

8 Perfect destinations for an extended weekend - Part Two

Extended Weekend Holiday, Edinburgh, Scotland, Calton Hill overview

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh seems to be the city of absolute inspiration where the first Harry Potter manuscripts, Adam Smith's "Adventures of Nations," where Charles Darwin was taught before writing about the Origin of Species at the same university where the first animal - the Dolly sheep was cloned. Despite the steep terrain, Edinburgh belongs to pedestrians and cyclists and that's very good because only legs can lead you to city hideouts, tunnels, stairs, secret gardens.

Florence, Italy

In Florence, the capital of the Tuscany region, menĂ¹ di pizza e gelato sounds like a ballad. Il Mercato Centrale is the perfect place for a quick, delicious and inexpensive snack. However, the most important aspect of the city is art. In the fifteenth century, the family of Medici bankers unofficially took over the leadership of the city, contributing significantly to its artistic development, with the support of those of Michelangelo, Botticelli or Leonardo da Vinci. Michelangelo Square, della Signoria Square, Boboli Gardens, Ponte Vecchio, or Florence Dome should not escape you.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This city loaded with 11th-century walls has gone through historical shortcomings produced by the Ottoman Empire, having to face the greed and greed of the Venetians, being finally defeated by Napoleon. More recently known due to the scenes from the Game of Thrones filmed here, the Old City Center is listed on the UNESCO Heritage List. Take advantage of the Adriatic Sea and the Elafiti Islands and rent a boat trip from Dubrovnik Daily Sailing (which includes a meal at one of the local restaurants).

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Through Ljubljana ride a bicycle, especially when there are automated bike-sharing stations where the first hour is free; Just make sure you've created an online account before. If you are a coffee lover, the locals of this city are known as coffee drinkers. We encourage you to try local beers (Pelicon, Bevog, Human Fish, Reservoir Dog, Mali Grad). Finally, the castle is the main attraction for tourists and locals alike; Loaded with history, it currently hosts concerts, theater plays, exhibitions and even an outdoor cinema.