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Travel WorldNews Tops 7 restaurants in which you have to go at least once in life

7 restaurants in which you have to go at least once in life

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Gastronomic pleasures combined with the amazing spotted landscapes from the terrace of a restaurant can make a lunch or dinner unforgettable. Here are the most spectacular views offered by some restaurants in the world.

1. Cova d'en Xoroi

Hidden in caves carved by nature in the rocky promontory of the island of Menorca, Spain, Cova d'en Xoroi restaurant combines the rich flavor of the Iberian area with the endless blue of the Mediterranean view.

2. Skyline Restaurant Queenstown

The route to the restaurant is by gondola, but once reached more than 800 meters above Queenstown city of New Zealand so you can enjoy local cuisine cooked specialties, as well as view the bay and the city below.

3. Hotel Edelweiss

There are 7 hotels in Murren, Swiss resort where you will not find even a car, but none can boast with views of the restaurant and terrace Edelweiss. A lunch in this locale will give the impression that you're in the clouds and that's not far from the truth, because the restaurant is located at 1650 meters altitude.

4. Ali Barbour Cave Restaurant

Located in Kenya, Ali Barbour's Cave was created by nature 180,000 years ago. For decades, the cave turned into an elegant restaurant with several dining rooms, some even situated at 10 meters underground.

5. Restaurant At.mosphere

122 floor tower Burj Khalifa in Dubai is reserved for a fairy tale local. At.mosphere restaurant is one of the highest rated restaurants in Dubai, both for skill chef in the kitchen, and the dreamy panorama of the city from the Persian Gulf.

6. Restaurant Le Panoramic

As the name promises, the restaurant located in the French Alps has something to offer you on panoramic view chapter. You can enjoy this majestic Mont Blanc image while waiting to have lunch at 2,500 meters altitude.

7. Restaurant Rock

In Zanzibar, Rock restaurant is known for its unique location of the premises, directly on a piece of rock out of the sea. Access is only by boat, and the menu consists of marine creatures caught two steps from the terrace.