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6 night markets famous worldwide

Night Markets, Night Bazaar Chiang Mai, Thailand, Colorfull souvenires

Nightlife is very lively in many parts of the world, and to the surprise of those who work in tourism, visitors prefer to visit crowded night markets at the expense of clubs and bars. Here are the most beautiful markets of the night, famous worldwide:

1. Market paved garden Djemaa el-Fna

This market in Marrakesh is a true delight for tourists worldwide. Always crowded, paved garden market Djemaa el-Fna smells of spices, traditional sausages and smoked plums area that can only delight your senses!

2. Underground Market in San Francisco

This market was inaugurated in 2009 and since then has gathered together all the great chefs of the great San Francisco. Culinary delights that are sold here range from the caramel popcorn with bacon and orange marmalade sandwiches.

3. Ratchada Night Bazaar in Bangkok

Here you'll have the opportunity to acquire all sorts of handcrafted items from jewelry to furniture pieces and accessories. The market hosts stalls that sell various products used but in perfect condition.

4. Summer Market in Richmond

In this market open to the public only during the night you'll see a tremendous cultural diversity, which includes groups including salsa dancers and singers Asians. What can you buy here? Culinary delights of the immigrant population, which more or less delicious!

5. Night Bazaar Chiang Mai in Thailand

This market is hosted on a portion of the road Chang Klan and populated by many Thai street artists. Apart from these, you can find plenty of local restaurants and souvenir shops, and vendors that sell replicas of famous objects.

6. Night Market Barranco in Lima, Peru

This marvel nocturne stretches from Miraflores beach until bohemian Barranco district and the finest artists that populate are the creators of the famous Peruvian alpaca shawls and those of handmade jewelry from seeds.