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Travel WorldNews Tops 4 destinations that will change your life in 2013

4 destinations that will change your life in 2013

Life Changing Holiday, Rwanda, Burundi, Africa, Intore Dancers

Do you want a holiday in a destination that change your life that make you want to discover more things to help you get back out there with batteries loaded with lust for life and a new world view? has made a list of destinations ideal for people who just want simple access to spa vacations and walks in the moonlight, but the adventures that have an impact on their existence.

Ibo Island - East Africa

Although very few places in this world remained unexplored, some of them truly wonderful were forgotten. Ibo Island is among those places forgotten, but is more than impressive and can offer a unique experience in life.

If you get in Ibo, you will discover a real treasure of the Indian Ocean, an area that spoils its visitors with diving lessons and magical places in the depths of the waters. The island's beaches you will enjoy drinks eccentric, very fragrant, the foods with new tastes, traditional dances and music marrabenta a vibrant atmosphere.

Inca Trail - Peru

Some trips you make to get to a destination, but the more you do it just for the pleasure trip itself. Inca Trail is an area that fits easily into the latter category and is ideal for active people who love to follow the routes more difficult to walk, backpacking, to enjoy a unique experience enjoyable, difficult , but also unforgettable.

Experts believe that this unique route in the world was made, after five centuries by the Incas, in order to prepare the visitors for entry into Machu Picchu.

Rwanda - Central Africa

If you arrive in Rwanda, surely you will meet with gorillas for which the area is so famous and visited by people worldwide.

It is true that experience can be quite dangerous if you get too close to them. It is best to admire them from a distance and do not get into their space, so they do not feel threatened.


Global warming, although it is an undesirable phenomenon reveals the heart of Antarctica. Although it will be difficult to see a polar bear in Antarctica clearly still has many things to offer original and unique that you have the chance to see them once in your lifetime.

In addition, for several years, Antarctica is accessible even less experienced travelers, due to milder temperatures and the environment that is not so tough.