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Travel WorldNews Tops 10 breathtaking landscapes - part 2

10 breathtaking landscapes - part 2

Breathtaking Landscapes, Morondava, Madagascar, Baobab trees at sunset

Continuing our journey with all breathtaking landscapes we present to you next five wonders of the world.

6. Atlantic Road, Norway

Well, you'll be surprised to know that this path exists in Norway. Built as a connection to a remote island continent, is the perfect choice for a spectacular escape. Road preferred automobile companies for advertising, remains as unreal throughout the summer. Motorists have named this way in 2009 as the best destination for excursions.

7. Morondava, Madagascar

This part of the island of Madagascar brings together the strangest plants along with scenery offered by nature. It is famous for unusual baobab trees whose height can exceed 100 meters. Photos prefer this tropical area where wonderful meeting brought together a unique image.

8. Aogashima, Japan

An unusual volcanic island is definitely something worth seeing at least once in life. Located about 200 miles off the coast of Tokyo, has a population of about 200 inhabitants. Besides her appearance, makes it even more special is that it is a volcano in the Extension another volcano, but residents are safe. The last time it erupted in 1785, when he took the lives of more than a third of the island.

9. Mendenhall Ice Cave, Alaska

Usually, most glaciers looks impressive from the outside, but they provide a incredible insight. Scientists have found inside the cave thousands of years old trees. Visit Alaska will reveal nature as shown before the last ice age!

10. Leshan Giant Buddha, China

Buddha statue 223 feet high is the tallest pre-modern statue in the world. Built by a Chinese monk, was intended to calm the troubled waters of the river Minjang. Although unsuccessful, rocks fell into the water during construction deepened it and made it extremely dangerous, especially for commercial vessels.