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Travel WorldNews Tops 10 breathtaking landscapes - part 1

10 breathtaking landscapes - part 1

Breathtaking Landscapes, Guilin, China, Asia, Rice fields

We are witnessing a new era in which imagery is at a walking distance real. From the images, sounds or words can all be changed easily. You happened to look at a photo and not tell if that image exists or not? Here are 10 amazing places, breathtaking:

1. Colorado River, USA

Located near the town of Page, Arizona, this corner of paradise awaits visitors accompanied by a camera to carry with them proof that this place is real.

2. Giant stone roads, Northern Ireland

An intense volcanic activity on the north coast of Ireland led to the formation of the landscape after the 50-60 million years. Concentrations of cooled lava turned into giant pillars with incredible natural shapes that resemble to a fortress. Legend has it that a giant had arranged pillars, supported by the existence of similar formations in the cave Fingal in Scotland, where they had lived giant.

3. Realms in height, Iceland

Travelling in Iceland at a right time you will have an unforgettable experience. Glaciers and craters, lakes and picturesque geysers were hidden in a secluded place worth visiting. Aurora Borealis dress up the spectacular overview that will delight your senses and you wonder if you are on Earth. If Scandinavian winters with short days and cold weather is not a problem, then start a journey right now!

4. Guilin, China

Guilan has an incredible natural mix can anyone breathtaking. A whole region gathered frames of a film of James Cameron and an Elder Scrolls game. Whether we look at rice terraces, whether we delight with Limestone Mountains, the combination senses takes us to great heights. A summer trip to China will bring surprise to see "teeth" that come out of the ground limestone. Even if everything seems out of a story, caves, rivers and mountains are real as possible!

5. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Embark on a journey where the only company to be his own shadow! How is that possible? Bolivia has the largest salt lake in the world flat, ridge Bolivian Andes Mountains. The other area of great interest is desert. You can spend the nights in hotels in salt and Incahuasi Island in the middle of the lake awaits visitors.