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Arch of Triumph around the world

Arch of Triumphe, Paris, France, Overview

There are many places in the world where such monuments were built. What bind them together are the message, and the origins of the architectural forms. They are works of art that celebrates a country, a victory, a great historical event.

France and Italy are countries that have the largest number of such monuments.

Architectural origins

The first triumphal arches were built in the Roman Empire. For example, Emperor Constantine called for the lifting of a triumphal arch in Rome to celebrate his victory over Maxentius, who aspire to the throne.

Beginning in 322 AD, the monument bears the name of the famous emperor, known as "liberator of Rome". Also in Rome, Arch of Septimius Severus was built in 203 AD and dedicated to the Roman Senate and people.

Around the World

In Barcelona, the same type of monument was built from completely different reasons. Universal Exhibition held in 1988, and during this great event, the architect Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas lifted this Arch. It`s function was that of gateway to exhibition.

But one of the most famous triumphal arches in the world is the one in Paris, located in Place de l'Etoile. It was commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806. Its construction ended in 1836 and was inspired by Roman architecture.

In Romania, the Arch of Triumph is located in Bucharest, on the road Kiseleff. The years 1921 - 1922, with the coronation of King Ferdinand and Queen Mary, was asked heightening of an imposing monument in the north of the city. Because originally, was made in haste, with plaster reliefs because of national holidays approaching, it had to be rebuilt in 1930 from solid materials such as stone and marble. On 1 December 1936 was inaugurated in the presence of the royal family.

Such arches are still in countries like USA, Brazil, Greece, Turkey, Austria and Germany.