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A spicy New Year in Hungary

Hungarian cuisine, Hot Paprika

Hungarians are very good at parties and seek every opportunity to eat and drink well. New Year begins with lentil soup, Frankfurter sausages and roast pork!

Budapest is famous for excellent food and traditional Hungarian cuisine is among the best and richest in Europe. Traditional Hungarian restaurant offers tasty food, often accompanied by traditional musicians, who come to the table to sing right next to you. You will be convinced that food is not only Hungarian goulash (gulyas) and spicy with paprika meal, just as Italy is not just pasta, and India, only spices. Culinary delights, are of unmistakable, being rich in cream, onion, eggs, butter and wine, which are combined with different varieties of beef, chicken, pork or fish. For those who do not eat meat there is roasted cheese and fried mushrooms, which are very popular.

Many dishes are from the surrounding Slavic peoples, the Turks have introduced new spices and many pastries were imported from Austria.

The famous red paprika is grown in Szeged and Kalocsa mill. Housewives use sweet paprika (édes) or spicy (eros). Paprika is also used for soups, which have a more important role in the eating habits of Hungarians, than anywhere else in the world. Goulash or "gulyas" is the most famous soup, Hungarian soup. A chef prepares beef cooked with onions, potatoes and of course paprika. What the world calls gulyas is actually a stew in the country which is called "pörkölt". It is usually made of beef, mutton, pork or chicken. With pörkölt, eat galuska, incorrectly translated as "dumplings" on most menus. Galuska are small pieces of pasta.

Other popular soups are fish soup (Halasz), bean soup Jókai (Jókai bableves) and chicken soup Újházi (Újházi tyúkhúsleves). Other traditional Hungarian dishes are stuffed cabbage with meat in Kolozsvár (Kolozsvár töltött káposzta). Hortobágy pancakes (Hortobágy palacsinta) are made from thin dough filled with meat, chocolate or cheese. Another dessert is the strudel (rétes). You have a wide range: apple, cherry or cheese and all are delicious!

However, the correct way is to start a meal is with a glass of brandy, apricot (Barackpálinka). In order menu you can try white wine or a wine Debrői hárslevelű on the northern shore of Lake Balaton: Badacsony Kéknyelű or Szűrkebarát. Among red wines, the best are those of Eger: Bikavér (blood of a bull). Our favorites are the Pinot Noir and Burgundy Villány. After dinner, you should try "King of wines, wine of kings" famous Tokaji Aszu, which is made from grapes that were left in the wine for a while. Tokaj is a small village in northern Hungary. Volcanic soil, hot summers and long traditions of wine contributes to global fame Tokay wines.

Any type of cuisine is available in Budapest; there is a wide selection of Italian food, French restaurants, Chinese and Mongolian even in the city.

Remember that tip is not included in the final bill, although many restaurants are trying to charge it officially, and the waiter did not get anything from it. In general, you should know how much actual menu to avoid overloading.

Luxury restaurant for New Year's Eve

Alabarda waiting with Hungarian cuisine in a medieval housed within a building 400 years old. The owner aims to bring Hungarian dishes long forgotten. Food, live music classic candlelight, fine porcelain and decor make Alabarda a perfect place for a romantic dinner. The menu includes two special ways: grilled duck liver, Flambeau beetroot, walnuts and pears with toasted polenta, suckling pig ribs with fries and green pepper sauce.