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Your Hong Kong travel practical guide

Hong Kong, China, City Skyline

For travel in Hong Kong do not need a visa, passport travel only! The hotel will indulge in a sauna, Roman-style heated pool and underwater music. You can choose between Cantonese cuisine with seafood, Asian dishes and cocktails, so simply relax and read practical information.

What you should know before you hit the road - traffic in Hong Kong is usually difficult, especially downtown. If you are not familiar with right hand drive, renting a car is not recommended, it is best to use a taxi. They are recognizable by their colors: red, yellow and blue, divided into zones. Hong Kong has a highly developed transport network and sophisticated, which includes both public transport and private sectors. Over 90% of daily passengers are choosing public transport, which is the highest in the world. From the airport, you have trains to the urban area where you can travel by metro, light train, minibus, and funicular.

Octopus card is an intelligent system that provides electronic payment alternative to traditional notes and coins. Available for purchase at each station of Mass Transit Railway, Octopus card allows payment of public transport (such as trains, buses, trams, ferries), but can also be used for parking, shops, supermarkets, fast food restaurants and cars for sale.

For car you will find the famous metered parking (parked in a special place for a period of time). They are available weekdays from 8 am until midnight and Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm. Authorities have set fee for each 15 minutes of parking in these spaces to avoid long time parked cars. Bicycles are very popular vehicles in crowded areas.

Currency: Dollar (HKD), 100 HKD worth Euro 9.4

Official languages: Chinese, English

Kitchen Specialties: Breakfast means dim sum. These are known as dumplings or rolls - steamed, roasted, baked, stuffed with meat, seafood, vegetables, salted or sweet. Restaurants invites you to duck smoked in tea leaves, white chicken, sweet and sour pork, beef with five flavors of jellyfish soup or seaweed soup, cold salads and spicy cucumber, seafood on the stone. For dessert, enjoy black rice with coconut milk, pancakes and mango pudding and a snack, ask pasta or fish balls!

For take in the bag: diamond watches, electronics, art, designer clothes, tea, assorted cakes filled with melon or lotus seeds. Are placed in tins, is easy to carry home.

Ideal destination for: beach, parties, cruises, visiting temples and monuments Chinese heritage.

The climate is sub-tropical, temperate even at certain times of the year. From November to December are pleasant breezes, sunshine and pleasant temperatures of 20 ° C. January and February are cloudy, cold air masses and dry winds and temperatures drop below 10 ° C in urban areas. March and April are also nice, but high values of humidity. Fog and drizzle can be particularly troublesome; air traffic and ferry traffic are sometimes interrupted due to low visibility. From May to August is hot and humid with occasional thunderstorms and temperatures of 31 ° C - day and 26 ° C - at night. From July to September tropical cyclones are present, holidays are not recommended.

Forbidden: to smoke in public places and in the outdoors for recreation!