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Who you call when you have problems on holiday

Trouble on vacantion, Insurance Company presentation

When you have trouble on vacation, it is important to know who to call to resolve the situation quickly. No refund or apology cannot bring back time and cannot change a missed holiday. So inform yourself, to act quickly and effectively.

1. Airline Company

If a flight problems, you should know the procedures, your rights and responsibilities as a passenger. The airline can give you details about situations that can occur and what to do.

2. Hotelier

Hotelier can help not only if you have problems with accommodation, but also in cases of difficulty in terms of your stay there. For example, if you get sick, you can ask the hotel staff supports so that a doctor will get consulted. The entire hotel receives valuable information about disreputable areas of the travel destination, where it is recommended not to go etc.

3. Insurance Company

Make travel insurance every time you leave. Nobody knows when unexpected things happen that give you upside down, all holiday. On the insurance you must have a phone number in case of emergency.

4. Travel guide

Travel guide is the one who should care for people in his group. When you have a special requirement or need, do not hesitate to seek advice guide. This you can expose all the variations you have available so you find the best solution.

5. Embassy or Consulate

It is important to have an address and phone number of your country's embassy or consulate of the travel destination. In special cases, such as loss of documents, the institution can offer support, although efforts are made.

6. Family, friends

It always helps to have a means of contact to talk to family or friends. If you are unlucky, to steal your money, or was confronted with another problem, those at home can help quickly.