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What you need to know if you go on vacation with your pet

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Departure on holiday abroad can prove to be difficult if you have a pet. Often, you cannot find any acquaintance willing to care for the animal, which means you must take with you. Not recommended, transport of animals such as reptiles, fish, tarantulas or bird. They are more demanding and can suffer from sudden temperature changes.

Documents and security features for the transport of animals

European legislation provides certain conditions for the transport of pets from one country to another. Thus, before going on the road, make sure the animal is vaccinated with rabies vaccine available.

Then for added safety place a microchip (transponder). The device is the size of a grain of rice and can be implanted by a veterinarian. The microchip contains your data, and it will be helpful, if you lose your the pet on vacation or stolen.

The third aspect that you must solve is the pet passport. The document is issued to the veterinarian's office. Also there, get the animal's health card, medical certificate and a rabies act attesting achieve mandatory vaccines.

Pet transport by car

If you go on holiday by personal car, you can have greater control over the pet. It is not recommended to leave it unattended if you leave the vehicle. Hundreds of pets die every year from suffocation in cars. For a relaxed trip to your dog, make frequent stops.

Ongoing shortage of space could disrupt, so it is recommended to remove it from time to time from the car. Make sure you are stocked with enough food and water for your pet.

Air travel with pets

If you want to go on holiday with your dog by air, is essential to notify the airline before booking a ticket.

Each airline has its own conditions for moving with pets. In general, it requires the pet to be transported in a box or cage safe and have all valid documents. To avoid disappointment, look forward to these details.