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What you need to know about tip

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Tip is closely related to bill you must pay when you receive certain services. Today, tip is no longer a taboo subject and both the giver, and the receiver knows which tip the unwritten law.

Can you don't give tips?

It is good to know that tip is not mandatory if you are not satisfied with the service. For example, if your food came to the table cold or delays waiter to take your order or behave rudely, there's no reason to leave a tip. Every person who works for you knows that you have to offer impeccable service, in order to enjoy a little "attention".

Tip included in the bill

In some bars and restaurants in the world, tip is already included in the bill. Some specify this; others do not, so it is assumed that all should leave some extra money in addition to the amount to be paid.

10% is not much, but no less

In general, in most countries with well-developed tourism, tips are 10%. At first glance, it seems even more, if you think about it as a bill of 50 euros per day must leave 5 euro tip. But you have to keep in mind that if you stay a week in another country gather each 5 euro every day, so you get to fork out about 35 euros for a tip.

Where not let tips

In some countries, do not perceive tips and your intention to leave extra money can be considered an insult. In New Zealand, Japan and South Korea do not ever leave a tip. In China, the tip is illegal, but in luxury venues in Beijing and Shanghai can leave a tip for waiters.

Where leave a larger tip

In some countries can tip over 10%. For example, in Canada tip can even reach 20% of the bill. In Colombia, you can leave a tip between 15-18% of the bill, like the UAE, Qatar and USA.