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What to know when dining out on holidays

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When eating at a restaurant on vacation, it is important to know something about restaurants that offer city and know the rules of etiquette. In this way, you will enjoy quality services at affordable prices and you will avoid unpleasant experiences. Find out what you need to know when dining out, on vacation.

1. Choose a recommended restaurant

The tourist guides always find lists of recommended restaurants, with descriptions useful, depending on the number of stars, price, cuisine type, etc. In this type of experience you risk unwanted.

2. Go eat where the locals go

Try a restaurant where most of the customers is represented by the locals. Inhabitants of a city where foreigners know better than good food are affordable and, if filled building, is a good sign. Find restaurants crowded with many locals, because this food is fresh and prices are low.

3. Looking out for hidden fees

Before dining out in a destination visited, looking out on local demand and, especially, about hidden fees. There are places where you are asked to pay for view for approaching a major tourist attraction, for products that you find on the table when you arrive and seem free (buns, water, small snacks, etc.).

It is important to know and leave as a tip in a restaurant in a certain tourist destination and make sure you have cash on you.

4. Learn the rules of etiquette

Depending on the destination, it may be unwritten rules on the label in a restaurant. In some places, for example, can be called the waiter at a glance in other places there is no problem to shout after him. In some countries, you go to lunch group, each side pays in other places is not bad to see the gesture of honor. To receive the best possible service, it is important to know the rules of etiquette in that situation the destination for dining out.