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What should you know when you rent a car abroad

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Renting a car abroad involve a number of factors that need to be considered in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. It is important to know how pay petrol, covering insurance, and rules and constraints imposed by the car rental company where.

1. Make a list of things you want from the car rented

Think about what kind of car you want to rent. Put the paper every accessory function or something that you want to have. You know, so, to make a correct selection and you will not waste time with expensive cars offers satellite radio, phone, etc. folding screens.

2. Find offers from several rental companies or agencies

Before you rent a car, compare bids to be sure you choose your best. Be careful when you find promotional offers, because the advert may not be past all taxes plus the list price as promotional.

3. Pay attention to how to reduce the cost

One way to reduce costs, for example, is welcome to take the car to a different location than the airport. Another way to pay less money is to make you fill up the car. Can you do the booking early to take advantage of preferential rates. The more you do of it faster, so you have more types of cars to choose from. Return the car at scheduled date and time, to not to pay fees in case of delay.

4. Do your traffic regulations on foreign

When you go to a company car ride when you encounter problems with local authorities, these problems are twice more complicated than you drive your own car. Find out the places you are going to travel. For example, it may be that in some metropolitan areas cannot travel by car.

5. Check car rental

When you get a car, do an inspection with rental company agent. Shoot any visible irregularities and ask them a report or request another car. Jump from time to center rental car to check out quietly, without haste.