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What are the dirtiest things in hotel room

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There is a good reason why you should not ever walk barefoot in a hotel room or to avoid remote. Over 80% of the items that come in contact can be full of germs and bacteria. Find out which are the dirtiest places in the hotel room and you have to avoid protecting your health in vacation.

1. floor of the hotel room

Some people use slippers, others walk barefoot when at home. In a hotel room, but it is not a good idea to walk without shoes. Due to the large number of people succeeded in this space, the floor can be cleaned. Vacuum cleaner dust absorbing, but cannot disinfect the carpet. Take the slippers that he can use even in the bathroom, if necessary.

2. Remote

A study by the University of Houston found that the remote control is one of the dirtiest objects in a hotel room. The study was conducted on 19 items of 9 hotel rooms in Indiana, Texas and South Carolina. According to the results, 81% of the analyzed objects had feces bacteria on their surface.

There are numerous studies showing that the remote is a dirty object even in people\'s homes because of frequent use and disinfection that is rarely or never.

3. Switches

Switches are other items commonly used in the hotel room, carrying germs. As home switches can often be ignored in cleaning which only serves to raise even more germs.

4. Lamps near bed

Every hotel room has lamps on both sides of the bed. By the number of microbes found by specialists on these objects, it seems that lamps are often used by tourists in the hotel room.

5. Glasses in hotel room

Cups hotel room often seems clean, was placed upside down or put in plastic bags. However, except in sealed plastic cups in rooms of luxury hotels, these vessels can carry germs if not cleaned with hot water and detergent.

6. Input card in the hotel room

Several studies have shown that ATMs and bank cards are full of germs because of the use by a large number of people. The same principle can apply to cards that go in the hotel room. It is not advisable to leave the card on the pillow and keep him near toiletries.