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Touristic destinations considered carriers of luck

Lucky Destinations, Florence, Italy, Il Porcellino statue side view

Places considered fortunate for travel, are not so famous like a four leaf clover, a rabbit's paw or a penny tossed into a special fountain, but it seems that their effects are quite real.

Whether you feel less lucky lately or that your life course could not be worse, you could try going on a holiday destination to give you the chance that you are looking for. Here are some places famous for their historical luck "springs"!

Blarney Stone, Ireland

According to legend, anyone who touches their lips to Blarney Stone will be endowed with the "gift of the gab". Over the past 200 years, millions of visitors have tried to reach the wall located near Blarney castle, so to develop their ability to become more eloquent in speech.

Although there is no evidence that kissing the stone is notable results among the artists who have reached the Blarney Stone Mick Jagger is one of the famous orator Winston Churchill.

Column weeping, Istanbul

Known as St. Gregory the column, the column weeping in Istanbul is known for the fact that, according to legend, in the holy water flows, which has the power to heal anything.

About our placing thumb holes in one column and wet him out of there, have all chances to cure any condition would suffer, from infertility to lack vision.

Column that is inside the Hagia Sophia is able to fulfill the wishes of those who place their thumb hole and hand rotate 360 degrees, then good luck to them for life.

Tomb of Abraham Lincoln, Illinois, USA

Bronze sculpture of the famous American president appears to be bearing good luck. At least I think the thousands who come each year especially to reach the hands of the statue's nose.

Buddha laughing, China

According to Chinese tradition, if you rub the belly of a Buddha statue, you will enjoy prosperity, wealth and luck. Laughing Buddha statue is one which is said to bring luck really.

Il Porcellino, Florence, Italy

Tourists arriving in Florence, do not leave town before putting a coin into the mouth and caress appliance before it. It is said that these gestures are good luck and helps tourists to return to Florence in the future.