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Tips to receive compensation when you have problems on holiday

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An unpleasant situation that occurs on a holiday, causing frustration and the first reaction of course, are those of discontent. Even if there are real reasons to be awarded compensation, it is very important how the compensation is requested.

Each party pursues its interest, and the tour operator has already prepared, general answers to various complaints. It is therefore important from start to read the contract to know exactly what rights and obligations of each party in hand. If you are in bad situation to demand compensation, use your strengths that you have on hand:

1. Try to solve immediately

Tell the first time, which is what bothers you. In general, hoteliers can find solutions to solve problems even on the spot. You can find a solution before the end of your stay, and you will not go home with frustration.

2. Expose the situation, in short

Be brief in the exposure of the situation, especially in writing. Put yourself in the place who read the letter. They want only the facts of the case presented, no other details, even if it's important for you any details about the situation.

3. Be a diplomat

Complaints, expressed disappointment of tourists, and they are tempted to go with the emotion. Meanwhile, tourist representative is obliged to adopt a professional attitude, and to defend at all costs, the company's rights. Be a diplomat. For example, you can talk to the agent about your loyalty, towards this company, the people who have recommended their services, and disappointment had, in order that you want compensation. Tour operators would rather give a refund to a person who wants to remain faithful services than one that screams, they will not ever step to the company.

4. Present evidence

Rate the name of, that you discussed on the spot, if the problem could not be resolved immediately, take with you receipts or any other document which you can serve as proof.

5. Be conscious

Remember that a company will always put their interests above yours, regardless of official policy. A painful truth is that no compensation cannot bring back your missed time in vacation. A complaint, however, help to improve services of the company, so it is advisable to talk to those concerned, rather than complain to friends.