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Tips for tourists arrive in London

London Pass, Card and Guide

The official currency in the UK and in London is pound sterling (GBP), which is divided into 100 pence. ATMs are available everywhere and major cards such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express are accepted almost everywhere. Tourists, holders of other types of cards, you should check with the issuing bank, if they can use their card on holiday in London.

The official language is English, although visitors may be surprised by the variety of accents and regionalisms encountered in the British capital.

There is no specific health risks associated with travel in the UK or London, and water and food can be considered safe. British National Health Service is an institution known worldwide for the professionalism of its employees and for tourists offers free emergency treatment but could still be some fees charged for routine medical treatment. It is advisable to get travel medical insurance more proper, because medical services in the UK are very expensive.

In London a tip between 10 and 15% is expected in restaurants and luxury hotels, if on the last note is not a fee service. In fact, taxi drivers also expect tips about 10-15 percent of the value of the race. For the remaining services, tip remains at the discretion of each.

Shaking hands is a habit when get acquainted with someone. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all enclosed premises, including pubs and restaurants and in public transportation. There are strict label, in terms of use escalators - stationed on the right and climb the left side. Tourists will find that Londoners are more rushed and less friendly than the rest of English in other cities, especially in public transportation.

It is generally safe to travel in the UK, but tourists are advised to take particular care with their belongings in central London where pick pocketing is often reported. Following the 2006 attacks were strengthened security measures at all airports in the UK and some restrictions on hand luggage imposed.

Country code for mobile in the UK is + 44. Mobile phones work perfectly throughout the country, and mobile phone operators use GSM 1800. Internet cafes are available everywhere, especially near train stations and airports.

London has five airports. The most important and largest is Heathrow. It has four terminals, huge, two subway stations on the Piccadilly line and a link to the railway station Paddington. Heathrow is the busiest international airport in the world with the largest variety of airlines and flights to all over the world. Taxis from the airport are very expensive but there are regular bus connections and well-understood metro is the fastest and most convenient option.

London Pass

London Pass is a card that will help you save, the entries in the sights of London. The benefits of purchasing a London Pass include:

- Free entry to over 55 London attractions and sights including the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, Windsor Castle and more.
- A free guide of 128 pages available in 7 languages containing a wealth of information including maps and advice on how best you can visit London.
- With London Pass you can get over the tail of the most important objectives of the tourism London such as Tower of London, London Zoo, Kensington Palace and Windsor Castle.
- The option to transport the London Pass allows you to add a London Travelcard, a card that allows you to use all public bus lines, metro and train, thus saving more time.
- Have the opportunity to save up to £ 420 in entrance fees to tourist attractions.
- Some special offers such as discounts on theater tickets, restaurants and more.

With London Pass you can save time because you will not have to stand in endless queues, you can travel with less money from you, protecting you thus pickpockets careless hunting tourists, and you can better budget control the journey.

London Pass is only valid for consecutive days. If for example you buy a card for 3 days and use it the first time Monday, it will expire Wednesday no matter how often you use.

List attractions included in the London Pass

Apsley House, Banqueting House, Benjamin Franklin House, Britain at War Experience, Cartoon Museum, Chelsea Cinema, Chelsea FC Stadium Tour, Chelsea Physic Garden, Chislehurst Caves, Churchill Museum & Cabinet War Rooms, City Cruises, The Courtauld Gallery, Curzon Mayfair Cinema , Curzon, Soho Cinema, Eltham Palace, Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, Eton College, Fan Museum, Firepower Royal Artillery Museum, Florence Nightingale Museum, Foundling Museum, Guards Museum, Hampton Court Palace, Handel House Museum, Household Cavalry Museum, HMS Belfast, Jason's Canal Boat Trip, Jewel Tower, Kensington Palace & The Orangery, Kew Gardens London Bicycle Tour Company, London Bridge Experience and London Tombs, London Canal Museum, London Motor Museum, London Legends Walk, London Wetland Centre, London Zoo, Lord's Cricket Ground Monument, Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising, Museum of Rugby, the National Theatre Backstage Tours, Pollock’s Toy Museum, Queen's Gallery, QUEENS Ice & Bowl, Renoir Cinema, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Mews, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Tour & Exhibition , St. Paul's Cathedral, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Tower Bridge Exhibition, Tower of London, Wellington Arch, Wernher Collection at Ranger's House, Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, Wimbledon Tour Experience, Windsor Castle.